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The first step to creating a beautiful Ercole suit is a consultation with one of our experts.


With years of experience in the suit, menswear and luxury textile businesses, we will guide you through our massive selection of thousands of premium fabrics to craft your perfect outfit.


From fabric to buttons, from style to fit... our consultants be there for every step of your experience at Ercole.

Call or Email today and Request your next Appointment!


Stop by and get a "hands-on" experience in designing your own custom, Made to Measure suit. Book an appointment and get ready to go over styling and fabric options today!


A Square Peg in a Round Hole???

No reasonable person could think that there is one pattern that magically fits every body type, yet inexplicably, in countless numbers, we see men seemingly continuing to believe just that.  Only one example needs to be referenced to fully explain what we mean.

Recently, a silhouette which some have come to describe as “the modern suit” had taken over the menswear business. You know the suit, too short, too tight; the button placement had nothing to do with a man’s waistline. The pants were too tight; too short, the length of one’s necktie had to be ridiculously long to reach that way too low belt line… need we go on? Unfortunately, although this silhouette fit very few, far too many tried, unsuccessfully we might add, to make this their expression of staying current.

Why do we even bother speaking of fashion as bespoke tailors? It has to do with two points that should be considered when making your decision as to commissioning us as your next bespoke tailor. One of which relates to house styles, the second is the price point of ready to wear clothing today.

Let’s address the latter first by asking one simple question. As the price for better ready to wear clothing has far eclipsed the price of bespoke clothing {for the first time in history} why even consider buying off the rack, and possibly destroying the integrity of the original design by altering it to fit you? Let’s discuss house styles, which unfortunately present you with a similar problem. One man’s inspiration for his design may only be appropriate for a select few, and your probably one of the many for whom it is not.

Inspiration can and does come from many sources. History, Celebrity, Books, Movies, etc… Ours however, comes from you! We will neither present you with, nor preach about the virtues of a house style. We will discuss with you whether we think you might benefit from the English Drape, rope shoulder, forward pleated trouser, or perhaps the cleaner lines of an Italian silhouette, Neapolitan shoulder, trim pants, or some combination of styles that will best suit you.

Because you can’t fit a square peg in to a round hole.

“Sartorial Chess”

When one thinks of chess, words like tactics, visualization, strategic planning, and organized thinking, among others come to mind. We at Franco Ercole’s Bespoke, approach the way we dress our clients in the very same way.

           It all begins with our initial consultation, at which time we open with our first move. While discussing what proportions will be given the most attention as we fashion your new drapery, we will also talk about the specific demands that your business and travel schedule may play in our fabric proposals. As each chess piece is important to winning the game, the next piece we will put in play is the importance of color. We will submit for your approval, the colors most complimentary to your individual skin tone, and hair color. This will be most important as we single out our best suggestions for shirtings. {Stands to reason, as your shirt is the closest to your face, its frame if you will…}

           What trappings we ultimately decide upon at the start, will have as much to do with altering / improving your personal style today, as it will with the continuing construction of your new wardrobe. Each and every move we make will be to resume assemblage of the perfect habiliments particular to the development of your own personal style. You will quickly note however harmoniously our first pieces work with your existing coverings, it’s nothing compared to the ensemble of finery that has yet to be made.


Some Consultants Considerations: A Word from Scott Troia